About Us

Towerview Studios is based in sunny San Diego, CA. The company was founded to bring everyone's favorite card and board games into the social media arena. From social networks to mobile devices, we're committed to making fun and engaging games, giving everyone the opportunity to play together anytime, anywhere.

We are committed to making fun and engaging games that everyone is already familiar with, guaranteeing us a mass-market audience. Technology, design methodologies, and development techniques in the game industry are constantly evolving. Our company has the expertise and solutions for rapid adaptation in this niche market.


Towerview Studios will be focused on portfolio building by releasing at least three titles in 2012. Currently social games are being produced for demographics not heavily targeted by big social game studios. Developing in niche genres that are less saturated will give our titles more exposure without the need for a large marketing budget. The initial selection of game titles gives us a strong foray into the international market.


Our technology is built from the ground up using a multi-platform socket server and is based on a high performance scalable architecture that can handle millions of users, allowing our games to be distributed to any platform and most mobile devices. Using our 3D Flash engine, we are one of a few game studios that can produce a 3D game experience on any social network.